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The Cambridge Arts and Cultural Leaders group seeks to develop the arts and culture in the city by taking a strategic and long term approach to its development, for the benefit of the people that live and work in Cambridge, its growing population and those that visit.

Arts and culture are a vital part of thriving communities. Cambridge has a high quality arts and cultural offer and a rich cultural heritage. The city is well placed to develop its cultural offer for the benefit of all those who live and work here, its growing population and those that visit the city.

Core activity
Working together the Cambridge Arts and Cultural Leaders group will collectively:

  • share strategic thinking about the development of high quality arts and cultural offer for the city
  • raise the profile and visibility of Cambridge’s high quality art and cultural offer
  • develop a collective voice for the interests of arts and culture and their audiences
  • increase the connectivity of the arts and cultural sector in the city by sharing information and intelligence
  • provide a forum to engage with stakeholders and influence the development of key policies
  • join together with partners to support collective projects as they arise

The arts and culture have a vital role to play in the shaping of the city. We have a tradition of innovation in the city, the cultural sector is an essential part of sustaining its creativity and providing inspiration for its future.

Inspiring Cambridge

The Cambridge Arts and Cultural Leaders, consulting with the cultural sector in the city, have drafted this shared vision for the arts culture to be at the heart of the future of the city. Working together we seek to embed the arts and culture in the development of the city for the benefits of residents, workers and visitors.

We have identified the following key ambitions

  •     connecting the whole community through arts and cultural activity
  •     exploiting our rich cultural assets to develop a world leading cultural education offer
  •     contributing to sustainable growth in the city
  •     developing further a creative, welcoming, accessible city with an excellent cultural offer

Working in partnership

We are interested in speaking to people who share our ambitions and  aspirations.

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The 17 members of the Cambridge Arts and Leaders have a turnover of well in excess of £30 million, employing over 350 people, working with nearly 2000 volunteers and providing events and activities for over 2.5 million visits a year. To put this in context, the population of Cambridge was 123,867 in the 2011 census, including 24,488 students.