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Arbury Carnival project in partnership with Kettle's Yard (C) Josh Murfitt

Inspiring Cambridge: a shared vision for arts and culture to be central to a successful, sustainable future


At November 2013 conference, Cambridge Arts Network (CAN), which has over 1000 members, representing creative industries, cultural organisations, artists, producers and many more, identified the need for a clear long term strategic vision for culture in the city.

From that early impetus, Cambridge Arts and Cultural Leaders came together to draft Inspiring Cambridge, and consulted with the wider community ahead of its formal launch at the CAN conference 2014.

Inspiring Cambridge sets out four key ambitions:

  • connecting the whole community through arts and cultural activity
  • exploiting our rich cultural assets to become a world leading location for cultural learning and innovation
  • contributing to sustainable growth
  • developing a creative welcome, making the city’s excellent cultural offer more easily accessible.

Since the launch, Cambridge Arts and Cultural Leaders have:

  • Worked with Cambridge City Council to embed Inspiring Cambridge within their Arts Plan
  • Supported the development of the My Cambridge cultural education partnership
  • Agreed a shared commitment to diversity, and signed up to the Equality Pledge
  • Worked with Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Enterprise Partnership and others to look at the potential for arts and culture to support good growth
  • Built links with a wide range of potential partners and stakeholders to raise the profile of the strategic importance of  arts and culture to Greater Cambridge

Who are the Cambridge Arts and Cultural Leaders Group?

The Cambridge Arts and Cultural Leaders are a group of individuals drawn from our major arts and cultural organisations who are working together to embed the arts and culture in the development of the city. Find out more about the Group.

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