Our UCM museums are keen to support schools on their Artsmark journeys. Whether you are aspiring to Silver, Gold or Platinum, getting involved with our offer for schools and teachers can help you work towards fulfilling your statement of commitment – and the good news is that lots of the support we can give you is free.

All our museums and garden have different things to offer, so do follow up with individual museums, but here are some of the ways we can help, mapped against the Artsmark self assessment criteria:


If you are looking for a school governor with expertise in arts and culture, get in touch. We can’t promise to help but some of our staff are involved in governance and we can spread the word.

Great if you are working towards Platinum

Curriculum design

Museums are great places for cross curricular learning, and our museum educators are experienced in supporting pupils and teachers to explore and make connections between subjects. Look online or talk to us about the cross curricular opportunities within our learning resources, self-led visits and facilitated workshops.

Great if you are working towards Silver

Continued Professional Development

If you want to evidence that your teachers have enjoyed CPD opportunities with specialist artists and professionals, check out the CPD offer across our museums, including artist-led sessions. Book individual staff onto sessions in our current programme, or contact our museums about the possibility of bespoke training for you whole staff. In 2019, watch out for the Fitzwilliam Museum’s Inspire! CPD programme, which culminates in the opportunity for you to submit pupils’ artwork for display in the museum’s first schools exhibition. You can also take inspiration from previous teacher CPD sessions in partnership with Access Art.

Great if you are working towards Gold

Range of Offer

Visits to museums and galleries are a great way to make sure pupils get access to wide-ranging, high quality arts and cultural experiences. All our museums are free to visit, and offer facilitated visits and workshops led by professional museums educators (and many of these are free too). For some schools, some of our museums can even help cover the cost of a coach. If you are aiming for Platinum, remember you do not have to go to London for culture experiences of national significance: 5 of our museums have Designated collections, which means they are recognised as being of national or international importance.

Search our schools offer here.

Great if you are working towards Silver, Gold or Platinum


We enjoy working in partnership with schools in lots of ways – so if you have an idea, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do. Keep an eye open for our current projects and offers by signing up to teacher newsletters. If you are working with us, we can also help with ways of evidencing the positive impact on outcomes for children, young people, and staff by planning evaluation together.

Great if you are working towards Silver, Gold or Platinum