Diary of an Exhibition Part 1: a little team with big ideas

Imagining India: Greeks, Romans and the End of the Earth opened at the Museum of Classical Archaeology on 26 June. This is the first of three instalments of my diary of the six months leading up to the exhibition opening. The Museum of Classical Archaeology (MOCA) often hosts temporary exhibitions in our Cast Gallery, but Imagining India was the first… Read full article

India Unboxed: Meet the Meteorites?

Our India Unboxed film series continues with the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences‘ puzzling story of the fiery meteorites which were cold to the touch. 157 years ago the people of Dharamsala in Northwest India watched as three meteorites streaked across the sky and crashed into the ground nearby. Despite witnessing nine-foot flames trailing behind the meteorites, the brave locals… Read full article

When is it shiny enough? Conservation of a Dividing Engine

Over the summer, staff at the Whipple Museum of the History of Science are preparing for their exhibition ‘Astronomy and Empire’ opening in October 2017.  Kirstie Williams, University of Cambridge Museums Organics Conservator, was asked to conserve the Dividing Engine for the exhibition. First off, what’s a Dividing Engine? A dividing engine is a device that is used to mark… Read full article