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Learn about the people of the world and the journeys of famous European explorers such as Captain James Cook. Students will explore faraway lands and complete a giant map of the world with their findings.

Duration: 1 hour

Session Format: A museum teacher will lead the first 30 minutes of the session in the World Anthropology Gallery (first floor).  Pupils will see objects collected during the first encounters between Europeans and Pacific Islanders and learn about objects from the Torres Strait Islands as well as Alaska and Greenland. The students can then use the remaining 30 minutes to complete a self-directed map activity.

Available: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. All Seasons.

Find out more on the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology website.

“The team worked hard to ensure the visits were interactive and engaging. Many of our pupils left the museum considering a future in either archaeology or anthropology!”

Key Stage

KS1, KS2