About the Session 

How have people adapted to extreme environments such as deserts, jungles or polar regions? How do these environments impact their way of life and culture? These are some of the questions students will think about as they as they look and handle objects from the Amazon rainforest, Australian desert and Himalayas.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Session Format: A museum teacher will lead the first 30 minutes of the session in the World Anthropology Gallery (first floor). The students will then be divided into two groups. One group will remain on the first floor completing a self-guided worksheet. The other group will go to the second floor to take part in a handling session that includes objects such as a woven song from the Amazon rainforest, Himalayan boots and a digging stick from Australia. After 30 minutes the groups will swap and will finish the visit with short plenary session.

Available: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. All Seasons.

How to Book 

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