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Museums and collections


Through enquiry based learning and handling real artefacts, students will discover how Archaeologists and Anthropologists use objects to learn about people. By the end of the session students will know how to use objects as a springboard to understanding a wider historical topic or theme. 

Duration: 1.5 hours

Session Format: A museum teacher will lead the first 30 minutes of the session in the Cambridge Gallery (ground floor) and World Anthropology gallery (first floor). The students will then be divided into two groups. One group will remain in the first floor completing a self-guided activity inspired by the objects in the gallery. The other group will go to the second floor to take part in a handling session that includes objects such as Fijian club, a woven song from the Amazon rainforest and an Indonesian printing block. After 30 minutes the groups will swap and will finish the visit with short plenary session.

Available: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. All Seasons.

Find out more on the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology website.

“This incredibly hands-on session engaged pupils of all levels… The [Museum] teachers were engaging and knowledgeable about the artefacts, so it meant pupils could ask questions and be enthused about the history of the artefacts”.

Key Stage

KS1, KS2