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This gallery-taught session focuses on Native American and First Nation cultures of the Northwest Coast, Southwest and Great Plains of North America. Students will come face to face with fascinating objects such as a 14m Haida totem pole, a Plains Cree chief outfit and a Kachina Doll made by the Hopi. 

This session can be extended to a 90 minutes session that includes a craft activity inspired by the collections.

Duration: 1 hour

Session Format: A museum teacher will lead the first 30 minutes of the session in the World Anthropology Gallery (first floor). The students can then use the remaining 30 minutes to complete a self-directed activity that will help them explore the galleries.

Available: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. All Seasons.

Find out more on the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology website.

“The team worked hard to ensure the visits were interactive and engaging. Many of our pupils left the museum considering a future in either archaeology or anthropology!”

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