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Travelling back in time to the heroic era of Antarctic polar exploration (Scott and/or Shackleton), your students will pack for an imaginary expedition, get kitted up in some modern polar gear and take part in an interactive historic survival story. This session can be adapted to match your curriculum. 

Duration: 90 minutes

Session Format: A fast paced, interactive taught session lasting 90 minutes

Available: Wednesdays and Thursdays in school term time.

Find out more on the Polar Museum website - booking is via the online booking request system and will be subject to availability.

"Thank you so much for our wonderful trip to the Institute. The children were completely engrossed and learnt so much…I think we all wished we could stay longer!"  November 2015

"Thank you for such an enjoyable morning. The children were buzzing with it all the way back to school. 'That's the best morning ever', was overheard!" January 2016

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KS1, KS2