2021 programme coming soon...

Whether you are looking for a great day out with the family or fun activities to do at home, Summer with the Museums has it all. This year, our museums will be offering a range of events, activities, trails and resources both in-person and online. So whatever the weather and wherever you are, you can still enjoy some museum-themed fun.

The full line-up of events will be available in the coming weeks. In the meantime, why not try some of the activities from last year's programme, or check out our Facebook page for regular news and updates?

Summer at the Museums is delivered by the University of Cambridge Museums as part of its Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation funded programme.

Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

In this activity from the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, find out more about Bronze Age pottery.

Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences

In this activity from the Sedgwick Museum, find out how to make a decorative sun catcher to hang in a window.

Cambridge University Botanic Garden 

In this fun activity from the Botanic Garden, learn how to make your own plant based paint. 


Find out more about Victorian lighting and complete this tricky dot-to-dot puzzle from the Museum of Technology.

In this activity from the Museum of Cambridge, get some ideas to start your own special collection.

In this activity from the Museum of Classical Archaeology, find out to make a family portrait using some tips from the Romans!

The Polar Museum

In this activity from the Polar Museum, get ready for a polar adventure.

Whipple Museum of the History of Science

In this activity from the Whipple Museum, learn how to make a spinning optical illusion model.

In this activity from Wisbech and Fenland Museum, make a tiny model of your favourite room.

In this activity from the Fitzwilliam Museum, discover all sorts of adventure - without leaving home!

Museum of Zoology

In this activity from the Museum of Zoology, learn more about butterflies and make your own butterfly collage.

The Fitzwilliam Museum

In this activity from the Fitzwilliam Museum, make a portrait of someone who is special to you.

Kettle's Yard

In this activity from Kettle's Yard, learn how to make your own hanging 3D model. 

In this activity from the University Library, learn how to make a concertina accordion book.

Cambridge University Botanic Garden 

Capture the beauty of leaves by making some dazzling foil art.

Find out about gargoyles and grotesques, then fashion your own fearsome face.

Learn all about the Vikings, including Viking runes and nicknames, and how they made beautiful jewellery such as the amazing Aedwen’s brooch.

Have a go at this super-easy craft and make this leopard a new friend.

The Fitzwilliam Museum

All you need is a view from your window and a bar of soap to make your own Hepworth sculpture.

Did you know there are 10 other Elys to be found dotted across the world – including two in the United Kingdom? Find out more about each of them below and then have a go at some fun activities inspired by our fellow Elyians.

Would you like to find out more about the totem pole in the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology? Have a go at making your own totem pole based on the story of your family.

Investigate some of the coats of arms hiding in our churches then follow a step by step guide to
designing your own.

In July 1940, the new RAF Hospital in Ely opened! Celebrating its 80th anniversary, we’ve explored the history of the military hospital and have created some fun hospital themed crafts for you to enjoy.

Follow this short tutorial to make your own carved clay scarab beetle.

The Fitzwilliam Museum

Find out more about the significance of the dragon to Chinese people and get making a shadow puppet.

Find out to how to make your own shadow puppet monster using materials from around the home.


Cambridge University Botanic Garden 

Grab your felt tips and get busy with these colouring challenges from the Botanic Garden. 

Who was Oliver Cromwell? Find out more with these fun activities.

Learn all about different types of coins including Roman coins, Ely tokens and coins across the world!

The Fitzwilliam Museum

Got something you care about? Take inspiration from the passionate suffragists and suffragettes.

Whipple Museum of the History of Science

Join artist Kaitlin Ferguson in a series of activities based on telescopes and exploration.

The Fitzwilliam Museum

Delve in and discover more about this exciting recent archaeological find. This resource will guide you through three activities to Look closely, Think deeper and Do something practical.

Cambridge University Botanic Garden 

Make a wonderful wild weaving from plants you find in your garden or out on a walk. 

Learn about Roman pottery and how to identify the different types and Roman coins too.

Moving images are all around us, but they haven't always been. In Victorian times, about 150 years ago, inventors were taking the first steps towards creating moving pictures by making optical illusion toys. 

Watch this short film to make your own paper inspired by the Ancient Egyptians.

Learn how to turn an everyday milk carton into a cosy home for our creepy-crawly friends. 

The Polar Museum

Join artist Kaitlin Ferguson in a series of activities based on polar exploration.

Cambridge University Botanic Garden 

Ever wanted to design your own garden?  Well here’s your chance!  Have a go at this activity and create a miniature paradise for one of your toys.

Do you miss seeing our fantastic fossils case at the museum? Create your own version at home, but with living Jurassic sea creatures! 

Museum of Zoology

Get up close to Komodo dragons and discover how they could be the key to conserving wild places.

Make up your own rhymes and stories with these fun finger puppets.

Learn how to create your own self-portrait in collage form. 

Museum of Classical Archaeology

Join artist Kaitlin Ferguson in a series of activities based on the statue of Nike, goddess of victory. 

Cambridge University Botanic Garden 

Go on a wildflower wander with a difference – help others to enjoy the natural treasures that so often go unnoticed by creating tiny signs next to them.

Make some salt dough hanging decorations inspired by your favourite museum

Make your own fearsome Anglo Saxon helmet and beautiful jewelled brooch.

Stone age people made jewellery out of bits of bone, tooth, tusks, shells and stones. Find out how to make your own out of salt dough. 

Follow craft film that takes inspiration from a 14th century stone carved grotesque from Tydd St. Giles, Cambridgeshire, that is part of the Wisbech and Fenland Museum collection

Cambridge University Botanic Garden 

Learn amazing facts about orchids and find out how to make your own paper orchid flower in this special film.

Have a go at making your own version of Shadow Play by Bridget Riley. 

Have you got a bit of a sweet tooth? Love baking? Would like to learn? Would like to try something simple, but also a bit different?  

Learn about flowers and insects with objects and pictures from the Ely Museum collection and make lots of fun bug and flower themed crafts.

Whipple Museum of the History of Science

Science is everywhere - you just need to know where to look. Find out more in this fact-filled film.

The Fitzwilliam Museum, Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences, Whipple Museum of the History of Science, The Polar Museum, Museum of Zoology, Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Museum of Classical Archaeology, Kettle's Yard, Cambridge University Botanic Garden 

Want to get creative? The Discover Arts Award is a great chance to make art, discover artists who inspire you and to share your artwork with family and friends. 

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This mammoth can shed its coat in an instant, a great way to keep cool this summer! He doesn't look too happy about it though...

Be inspired by the beautiful Fenland landscape and make your own farming themed crafts. Learn
about traditional farming tools and learn about Fen folklore as you visit the Wise Woman.


Become a curator and make your own mini museum.

Museum of Zoology

Create a sculpture of an animal using materials from inside your home. 

Museum of Zoology

Create your own night-time wildlife mobile using our quick guide and tutorial the videos.

Make your own eel-inspired crafts, listen to ‘The Eel Fishers‘ song and learn lots of new facts about eels too.

Take a tour of the Museum of Technology's historic printing presses then learn how to design your own print.

Celebrate Burwell’s famous mill by making your own rainbow windmill.

Learn about rationing and evacuees and have fun making some WW2 inspired crafts.

The natural world is full of different habitats. Find out more about how animals have developed amazing features which have helped them adapt to their environment. 


Museum of Classical Archaeology

Follow the step-by-step instructions in this film and learn how to draw an Ancient Greek temple.

Learn how to make scrummy ice-cream without using a freezer or an ice-cream maker!


Enjoy Bronze Age themed activities and crafts!

Roundels are small circular windows illustrated with glass paint which can be found in older churches and houses. In this activity, learn how to make your own roundel decoration using everyday items.


Follow the step-by-step instructions in this film and make your own Tiny Tower book.

In this activity, we take you through creating a Parachute game using Scratch (the fun coding language!).

Learn all about fossils and enjoy a prehistoric creature themed scavenger hunt & lots of fun activities too!

Discover the secrets and hidden stories behind the White Horse Inn, now home to the Museum of Cambridge.

 In this tutorial, we show you how to create your own interactive story or adventure game!

We challenge you to create your own City of Ely Sports Day themed race!

Discover loads of FREE summer holiday activities in this summer holiday family programme.

Find a brilliant, arty use for everyday items around your home.

Learn how to write code in Python and create a 1982 Tron-like game!

Learn more about the history of the gaol and the prisoners that were kept in Ely’s gaol.


Learn about the history of Jumping Jack toys and make your own.

Learn more about the lives of Victorians at work and at play. Have a go at making Victorian inspired visual illusion toys.

Explore All Saints church using this amazing virtual tour to find five fascinating features.

Learn all about how and why the fens were drained and who opposed the plans too!

This simple craft shows you how to make a crocodile out of a clothes peg, mummification is optional!


The Fitzwilliam Museum

A huge choice of activities for families to look, think and make in response to incredible artworks and artefacts at the Fitzwilliam Museum. 

Make your own museum in a box and learn how to make your own museum labels and plan a tour. 

Take a closer look at the incredible detail in the stunning stained glass windows at All Saints Church then have a go at creating your own.


Find out more about the castle and have fun with castle-themed crafts.

Did you know that Victorians didn’t wash their clothes regularly? Find out more about this and other unusual facts about the Victorians.

Learn more about ancient Greece and its heroes and monsters then have a go at designing your own.