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Museums and collections



All museums are uniquely placed to enrich our lives, contribute to communities, and help create a better society.  Museums are enriched by the skills and creativity of their public.

The University of Cambridge Museums welcomes community partnerships with our neighbours across the city and beyond.

Welcoming community group visits to the museums
Community groups are welcome to visit any of the University of Cambridge Museums.  We do ask that you book your visit in advance and please let the museum know whether your group members have specific needs so that we can best support your group to enjoy your visit.

Please contact the Education staff at the individual museums to book.

Outreach: we can come to you
If, for whatever reason, your group are not able to visit the museum, many of the University of Cambridge Museums are able to come to you.

Every museum has a different offer that may include:
• Loan boxes of handling objects to stimulate, inspire and reflect upon
• Exciting and invigorating talks
• Tailored activities creative and investigative activities

If you fancy something different or are not sure what might be right for your group, do contact the Education staff at the museums and they will be able to offer you support and guidance.

Community events
The University of Cambridge Museums are delighted to support community events.  We have taken part in events such as Arbury Carnival, Cherry Hinton Festival, Mill Road Winter Fair and many more, providing fun and engaging activities.
If you would like to invite us to your community event please do drop us an email.

Community Collaborations
The University of Cambridge Museums frequently work in partnership with organisations to strengthen connections with communities.

The University of Cambridge Museums have supported a wide variety of collaborative projects, both as individual museums and together.  For recent examples of our collaborations please do visit our blog.

Arts Award
Our museums also offer Arts Award for children and young people which provides a great way to be inspired by and enjoy museums. It is a national qualification for young people between the ages of 7-25 which introduces a range of art forms through a broad programme of cultural activities and experiences. Designed over five levels, the Award recognises the personal achievements and independent discoveries recorded by the award participants. Find out how we can support Arts Award for your group members.