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Museums and collections


Looking forward to taking a little time out this Christmas? Whether it’s escaping the shopping crowds, spending time with family or taking a trip around the town, our museums and Botanic Garden make perfect destinations.

However, as all our organisations are as unique as their collections, do be sure to check below for opening times during the holiday period before you head out. All closure times are inclusive.

The Fitzwilliam Museum
Closed Sunday 24 – Monday 25 December, and Sunday 31 December – Monday 1 January

Kettle’s Yard
Closed to the public for major refurbishment work

Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
Closed Saturday 24 December - Monday 1 January

Museum of Zoology
Closed to the public for major refurbishment work until summer 2018

Museum of Classical Archaeology
Closed Saturday 23 December - Wednesday 3 January 

Whipple Museum of the History of Science
Closed Friday 22 December - Tuesday 2 January

Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences
Closed Friday 23 December - Sunday 7 January

The Polar Museum
Closed Friday 22 December - Tuesday 2 January

Cambridge University Botanic Garden
Closed Sunday 24 December – Monday 1 January