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AQA AS/A Level: World Archaeology
OCR AS/A Level: Classics (Roman Britain: Life in the outpost of the empire)

The Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology’s collections span nearly two million years of human history, on all six inhabited continents. MAA is not a dusty museum about the ancient past. It is also about contemporary life all over the world, and works with modern-day indigenous communities in all kinds of ways.

This taught gallery session discusses how daily life changed for Britons under Roman occupation. Using the Museum's collection, the session aims to further explore the Roman concepts of towns and town life, evolving craft specialisation, food and feasting, ritual and religion, and personal identity through adornment. The objects on display in our Cambridgeshire gallery offer a unique opportunity for students to examine both ornate Roman artefacts carried from Rome versus unique and utilitarian objects manufactured on British soil in the Roman style.  

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As an optional addition to your visit students are also offered the opportunity to speak with members from the Faculties of Archaeology or Anthropology, part of University of Cambridge, to hear more about degree level study. This offer is subject to availability and upon request at the point of booking.

Thinking of extending your visit? Our School Liaison Officers at the University of Cambridge offer an insight into University life though College Tours. Please see the area links page for more information.