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Introducing our brand new museum sessions in our Green Museums project exploring planet earth - from the history of our climate, through to our place in the solar system. These sessions have been designed specifically for Key Stage 2, with a focus on curriculum themes from years 5 & 6.

Citizens of Planet Earth

These workshops consider environmental citizenship by exploring our planet and others in the Solar System. Workshops can be attended separately or in two parts over the course of the day.

Out of Space
Whipple Museum of the History of Science

Where is planet Earth in space? By looking at telescopes, globes and mechanical models of the solar system, students will learn more about space exploration and how our understanding of the universe has changed through time.

Out of This World
​Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences

What is a planet made of? Find out about what makes up our planet and the rest of solar system. From meteorites to Mars, find out about the natural resources we use from planet Earth and the possibilities of minerals resources on the red planet. 

Availability: Coming soon! Please contact the learning teams at the Whipple Museum and the Sedgwick Museum to enquire about bookings.


Adapting to Planet Earth

These workshops consider the concept of Evolution and how animals have adapted to changing climates and environmental threats through the millennia. Workshops to be attended separately or in two parts over the course of the day.

Evolution, Adaptation, Natural Selection
Museum of Zoology

Learn the story of the Tree of Life with the Museum of Zoology. You’ll discover Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace’s theory of evolution and how they have shaped our understanding of natural selection and adaptation. This workshop involves a handling session with museum specimens as we explore why different species have adapted to their changing habitats and environments.

Availability: This session is currently available as an outreach session from the Museum of Zoology education team, with in-museum sessions available when the museum reopens in 2018. Please contact the education team to enquire about bookings.

Evolution in Time
Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences

Discover just how long life on Earth has been around and why there is such a diversity of living things today using fossil evidence. We’ll use fossil horses’ limbs to understand how the species adapted over time to suit the changing climate and environment. We’ll also look at what geological processes drove that environmental change. Seated talk with some object handling and group work.

Availability: This session is available as a facilitated session at the Sedgwick Museum. Please contact the learning team at the Sedgwick Museum to enquire about bookings.