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Allegra Jaffe, Gallery Attendant
Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

No other museum in Cambridge has a Totem Pole like the one in the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology; hence why I think this is what makes the museum unique and worth visiting.

As you enter the first floor gallery it is not hard to miss it and its height is impressive. It makes me proud to know that our Totem Pole is higher than the ones displayed in the British Museum. There are times when I am in the gallery and I try comparing the Totem Pole with the big canoe and see which is the tallest.

When I look at the Totem Pole, I think about its journey from being a tree, to being cut and carved, to being displayed here at the museum. Also, by looking at it very closely you can see that once the Totem Pole was decorated in vibrant colours. Knowing this, in my mind, I picture it all coloured in black, red, and blue.

Sometimes, when I am watching over the galleries, children ask me how did the Totem Pole get in to the museum, but before I answer them, I ask them how they think it was fitted into the museum and the answers I get from them are most interesting!