Twilight Half-Term: Selene, Goddess of the Moon

In Greek mythology, Selene is the sister of Helios, the god of the sun. The Romans called her Luna. She drives her moon chariot across the heavens.

In our statue she is riding a horse into battle with the Giants (on the right). 

Our education team created a video with instructions on painting Selene and her horse. 
Watch it on our YouTube channel. 

For this activity you will need: paper, paintbrushes, paint, and something glittery! 

Twilight Half-Term: Gods and Goddesses of the Night Sky

Have you ever wondered what the ancient Greeks and Romans knew about the bright lights of the night sky? Follow the clues and find out more about ancient astronomy. Label the planets with their Greek and Roman names. Get them all to receive a small reward at the end of your visit! 

Visit the Museum of Classical Archaeology and pick up a copy of the trail at the front desk.