Wildflower Wander

This is a nature walk with a difference – spot the amazing flowers that normally go unnoticed and then put tiny signs next to them so that other people might enjoy them too.

What will you find?  It could be an an enormous dandelion sprouting out of somebody’s guttering or a tiny wildflower growing in a crack in the paving.

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Petal Power

Petals do a great job of helping flowers get noticed by bees and other pollinators.  They are often large and brightly coloured. Scientists are finding out they also have lots of other tricks to help them get spotted.

Download this activity sheet to find out more about how flowers and have a go at designing your own ultimate flower.

Share your creations with us on Facebook and Twitter @CUBGlearning #CUBGfamily

Open Your Window Bingo!

The brainchild of Kate Howlett, one of the Museum of Zoology's brilliant PhD students, find out about some of the species you are likely to see through your window or in your garden. Score points with each sighting – the rarer the animal the more points you get. Why not keep a record over the coming weeks and see how the animals you spot changes as the seasons progress.

Download the sheet from the Museum of Zoology's blog.