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Stories in Art: Words and Pictures

What is art? How can we understand it? We will look at 3 different artworks together and think about how artists tell stories using pictures instead of words, using the paintings to inspire our own creative writing.

Scientists use all sorts of different ways to name the new plants, animals and fossils they find.

Two parts - Scientific names usually have two parts, just as people have a first name and a family name.

Latin or Ancient Greek - Often the names use words from Latin or Ancient Greek.

Learn more about the niece of the Emperor Augustus, Antonia Minor. Using useful prompts and a planner, imagine a day in her life. 

Download the activity here.

Follow the instructions to write a Greek myth with heroes, villains, gods and monsters.

Choose between four story types: a quest, homecoming, foundation and monster, illustrated with examples from Greek myth and statues from the Museum's cast gallery throughout. 

Download the activity here

The BBC Young Writers’ Award with Cambridge University is a great chance to get creative. All young people in the UK aged 14-18 are welcome to submit stories of up to 1,000 words by 22nd March. The five shortlisted young writers will have their stories narrated by an actor and recorded for a radio broadcast, and will be published in an anthology.  

This resource comes from our bank of Look, Think, Do resources on the Fitzwilliam Museum website.

Have a look at this penny coin that was stamped by a Suffragette in the early 1900s with a very important message. And what about these signs that show what people care about now? Make your own with this guidance.

A series of activities inspired by some of the newspapers made on polar expeditions from our collection at the Scott Polar Research Institute. Enjoy designing your own news report.

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A series of activities inspired by some of the diaries in our collection at the Scott Polar Research Institute. Enjoy recording your observations during your own expeditions.

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