Bug Hotels

Watch this video to learn how to turn an everyday milk carton into a cosy home for creepy-crawly friends. You’ll find all of the instructions in the video, just be sure to be careful not to smudge your artwork when colouring with felt tip pens!

Look Think Do

Our big range of Look, Think, Do activities encourage children and families to look deeply and thoughtfully at objects and to respond imaginatively through thinking, talking and making together -from Ancient Egyptian neckpieces to coins stamped by protesting Suffragettes.

You can use the shorter Look and Think activities for just a few minutes or spend a bit longer making something fantastic. 

Make a Humpback Whale

Normally found in the krill-rich waters of the Arctic and Antarctic, the humpback whale swims up to 25,000 km per year, including to warmer waters to breed and give birth.

The seasonally-changing songs of male humpbacks echo through the ocean waters. Measuring up to 16m in length and weighing 25-30 tonnes, these large mammals eat krill, which they filter out of the water through hair-like bristles in their mouth called baleen. They are incredibly agile, often swimming near the surface, where they fluke and breach.

Minty Munch Pots

Download this activity sheet and have a go at making these cool treats.

Not only do they look great but they’re easy to make and taste AMAZING!  Underneath the top layer of crunchy chocolatey ‘soil’ is a delicious smooth mint and chocolate dessert.  Yum, yum!