The Museum of Classical Archaeology is open. Please book a free ticket before visiting.

Walk among the gods and heroes in one of the largest surviving collections of plaster casts of Greek and Roman statues in the world. 

Collection Highlights

Explore 450 plaster casts of the some of the most iconic sculptures from classical antiquity. Don’t miss:
- The bruised and battered Terme Boxer.
- The brightly-painted Peplos Kore.
- The drama of Laocoon and his Sons.

Free entry

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Call: 01223 330402

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Group Visits

Very welcome. Maximum group sizes apply: 35 for a primary school visit; 25 for a tour (secondary school/adult); 20 for an art group. Book online here.  

Family Visits 

Visiting with a buggy
Buggies are welcome. The Museum does not have cloakroom facilities, but trolleys are available for visitors to leave bags and coats at their own risk.

Kids’ Corner is full of trails and activities for children, including building blocks, books and toy boxes for toddlers and babies.

Research Enquiries and Image Permissions

For information about consulting the Museum’s collection for research purposes, see its research profile.
For image permissions, see the guidance on the Museum’s website.