What are they?

Disability friendly openings are a chance for children with special educational needs and disabilities, who usually find visiting museums overwhelming due to conditions that affect their sensory processing and/or have a developmental disability, and their families, siblings and carers, to explore a museum at their own pace.

There are very limited spaces to keep the museums from feeling too overwhelming. We will turn off any sounds & will control the lighting as best we can. We have a table set up with a variety of sensory toys that children can chose from to take around the museum with them. It’s fun for the children to choose a toy and starts the sessions in a relaxed, enjoyable way.

Our regular attendees, have their favourite toys and love trying to find them on the table! We have duplicates of the most popular toys. We provide a chill out space, a sensory den, sensory stories, a craft table and a safe, friendly museum to explore!

How can I book?

Spaces are free and available to book via our SEND mailing list. Email mfk25@cam.ac.uk to subscribe to receive these emails.