The vocal instrumental duo of Kristýna Farag and Marwan Alsolaiman will perform a special programme created in a response to Issam Kourbaj: Urgent Archive. The audience will hear a selection of songs and pieces in intimate arrangements built on the spirit of Middle Eastern elements. The concert will bear a reminder of an ever-urgent thought: we all sprout from the same seed of life, experience crises and seek catharsis.

Join us at Kettle’s Yard for special performances by artist Issam Kourbaj to accompany Issam Kourbaj: Urgent Archive. These performances will mark the 13th anniversary of the conflict in Syria.

Join us for a special concert in the Kettle’s Yard house where we will be showcasing musical talent from students of the University of Cambridge.

Jacqueline Seki, violin
Hebe Kan, harp
Lucca Piano Trio: Imaan Kashim, violin, Raphael Herberg, cello, Sohan Kalirai, piano

Ever wanted to explore the coldest and windiest place on Earth?

Immersive Antarctica is your chance to discover the wonders of the South in virtual reality. Drive a dog sledge and delve into this unique world filled with historic sites and heritage treasures. Developed by Storylab, a research institute at Anglia Ruskin University, and the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust (UKAHT) through the use of immersive technologies and audio-visual archive.

To celebrate the opening of Making New Worlds: Li Yuan-chia & Friends, join artist Bettina Fung at West Court Gallery, Jesus College for a live drawing performance of Towards All & Nothing. This work has been developed through the processes of researching and remembering the work of Li Yuan-chia and the LYC Museum & Art Gallery.

The Hermes Experiment is a truly exciting musical force. Fronted by singer Héloïse Werner, this quartet of brilliant musicians has been winning over audiences with their captivating stage presence and eclectic programmes, covering all styles of new music. They have a unique skill for bringing music from the margins into the mainstream, and in 2022 The Hermes Experiment won the Young Artist Award from the Royal Philharmonic Society, a prize that has acted as a springboard for some of the world’s most famous musicians.

London-based American pianist Eliza McCarthy enjoys close working relationships with some of today’s most famous composers, having become their go-to pianist on account of her profound understanding of the music of our time. Eliza has found a particular affinity with new music from North America, especially in works that gradually unfold like immense sonic landscapes, such as those by John Luther Adams and Linda Catlin Smith. And in Eliza’s concert, there’ll also be musical meditations that explore the more introverted nature of the piano, perfect for intimate setting of Kettle’s Yard.

John Butcher and Rhodri Davies are two of our greatest free improvising musicians. Through mesmerising and fascinating techniques, they push their instruments in wildly inventive ways, rendering a saxophone and harp almost beyond recognition. ‘Drunk on Dreams’ is the title of a mind-bending album released in 2021, made up of sessions they recorded in Paris. And tonight is a chance to experience their incredible experiments in sound up-close and right in your face, in the perfect setting of the Kettle’s Yard house.

In recent years Rakhi Singh has become an iconic figurehead for artists who are seeking ways to make music differently. As director of the magnificent Manchester Collective, Rakhi has appeared with the group in venues all over the world, and in the UK Rakhi has toured in venues ranging from a converted garage by Strangeways Prison, to the BBC Proms. As a soloist, Rakhi is also a major presence on the new music circuit, performing programmes that showcase her musical sensitivity, virtuosity and unique energy in works from the Baroque to the present day.

Join us at the Museum for a special performance-based Taruwa evening.

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