This exhibition has been created by two graduate students, Ara Goudsmit and Leo Lahijani, from the Departments of Geography and Neuroscience at the University of Cambridge. Using images, poems and scientific and cultural narratives, they have posed a series of reflective questions for our visitors such as 'What does it mean to disappear' and 'What does the ocean mean to you?'

This is Leo and Ara's description of the exhibition: 

Exploring our icy world from the sky and space 

Enjoy a visit to our new exhibition, which brings together art and science to ask: what do you see when you look at ice from above? 

Museum Remix is back! This two-day workshop gives you the opportunity to create provocative and creative responses to our objects, exploring the theme of Power and Memory.

Your challenge

This year, we're creating audio. How can we retell the stories of our objects in creative new ways through sound?

Working with a team, you'll investigate the collections and create new interpretation, which we'll make accessible to our audiences via digital gallery labels and online.

Do you want to talk about and see change, bring fresh perspectives, or create a call to action on the theme of power?
Well, so do we. This is the space for you!

Join us in the galleries for an informal exhibition tour of Paint Like the Swallow Sings Calypso with Curator Guy Haywood and artist Errol Lloyd.

The tour will include a conversation with the artist that will explore his involvement in the Caribbean Artists Movement.

FREE, come along

Join us at Kettle’s Yard to celebrate the opening of our next exhibition Paint Like the Swallow Sings Calypso. Explore the galleries after hours and enjoy a drink with friends.

FREE, booking recommended, pay bar

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Join us for the Polar Museum's part of the Native Spirit Film Festival, the UK's first and only annual independent festival promoting Native Filmmakers, Media, Artists, Indigenous languages and narrative sovereignty. To celebrate International Inuit Day, we will be screening four films at the Polar Museum. This event is part of the Power and Memory programme taking part across the University of Cambridge Museums throughout 2022-24.

Animals don’t do sexual identity; they just do sex.

From same-sex sexual behaviour in giraffes and penguins to the scientists working in the field of zoology. How do the labels and categories we give animals affect the way we interact with the natural world?

Our volunteer guides share their personal selection of fascinating stories about gender and sex in the animal world at the Museum of Zoology.


Please book your FREE ticket in advance - as numbers are limited.  


Important Information

Can we change our behaviours to lessen the impacts of the fashion industry on both people and the environment? 

The fashion industry is having a massive impact on the environment. Making clothes creates 10% of our carbon emissions across the globe. Production uses huge amounts of water, and the chemicals involved pollute rivers and streams.

Join us for a fun, practical evening about sustainable fashion. Learn ways of mending or refashioning clothes, and get top tips on how to be greener in our clothing choices with mini-workshops, drop-in activities and more.

Take a look around the Museum of Classical Archaeology's Cast Gallery, and the dominant impression is that Greek and Roman sculpture is as pale as it is interesting.

But Greek and Roman sculpture was not colourless. In this trail, we explore what difference it might make to see Greek and Roman sculpture with its pigment restored. We also explore the consequences over the centuries of seeing the Greek and Roman world without colour. 

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