What is sculpture?

About the Session 

Shape, form, texture and materials are discussed as we discover sculpture in the museum from ancient to modern.

Duration: 2 hours

Session Format: The museum led session is scheduled for 2 hours and is delivered in the first 60 minutes of your booked slot. We recommend that schools use their second hour for follow-up time from the taught session.
You can also book a studio workshop related with this theme.  


About the Session 

How are we different from one another and how do artists show this? An introduction to looking at portraits.

Duration: 2 hours


About the Session 

Learn about the people of the world and the journeys of famous European explorers such as Captain James Cook. Students will explore faraway lands and complete a giant map of the world with their findings.

Duration: 1 hour

Learning from Objects

About the Session 

Through enquiry based learning and handling real artefacts, students will discover how Archaeologists and Anthropologists use objects to learn about people. By the end of the session students will know how to use objects as a springboard to understanding a wider historical topic or theme. 

Duration: 1.5 hours

Out of Space

About the Session 

How did people learn about the solar system before space telescopes and spaceships were invented? By looking at telescopes, globes and mechanical models of the solar system, students will learn more about how our understanding of the universe has changed through time. Make an orrery showing the movement of the earth and moon around the sun.

Duration: 90 minutes (60 minutes for KS1)

Session Format: 30 minute taught session + 30 minute worksheet +30 minute handling and/or craft activity

Inventions and Discoveries

About the Session 

Explore how technology has changed through time and learn more about key inventions such as microscopes, telescopes, globes and calculators. The Museum has many other intriguing inventions such as pre-film animation devices, papier-mâché human anatomical models and glass fungi. What will your students discover?

Duration: 90 minutes

Session Format: 30 minute taught session + 30 minute worksheet+ 30 minute handling and/or craft activity

Polar Exploration

About the Session 

Travelling back in time to the heroic era of Antarctic polar exploration (Scott and/or Shackleton), your students will pack for an imaginary expedition, get kitted up in some modern polar gear and take part in an interactive historic survival story. This session can be adapted to match your curriculum. 

Duration: 90 minutes

Session Format: A fast paced, interactive taught session lasting 90 minutes

Available: Wednesdays and Thursdays in school term time.

Poems & Pictures

About the Session 

A literacy based session which uses paintings to stimulate vocabulary and create group poems.

Duration: 90 minutes

Session Format: This Museum Teacher led session is free and scheduled for 90 minutes.  

Available: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. All Seasons.

How to Book 

Contact the Fitzwilliam Museum on 01223 332904 or email education@fitzmuseum.cam.ac.uk to book, or to discuss your needs.