When there is an explosive volcanic eruption a large amount of material is thrown up into the air in an eruptive plume or column, made up of tiny rock fragments and very hot gases. The material is initially thrown upwards by the force if the explosion, but it keeps rising and stays airborne for a long time... so what stops it falling down?

In this experiment you can create your own eruptive column in a fish tank and find out what it is that makes it rise.

A series of activities inspired by the barrel organ in our collection at the Polar Museum. Enjoy learning about music on board ship, finding out how music affects us and have a go at making some of your own.

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Glass is very important for scientific equipment. When it’s made into lenses it can help us to see very big things that are far away or very small things that are nearby. How many things can you find and draw that are made of glass? Why is glass a good material to make them out of?


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