Artist Megan Rooney will be in-conversation with two of the book’s contributors, writer Emily LaBarge and curator Amy Tobin. The event will be followed by a drinks reception and the opportunity to visit the exhibition.

Megan Rooney: Echoes & Hours

This is the first major solo exhibition in the UK of work by Megan Rooney (b. 1985, South Africa). Her paintings have an irresistible life and energy, renewing the potential of abstraction to embody the richness of the visual world.

Vicken Parsons (b.1957, Hertfordshire) lives and works in London. Her paintings are held in major national and international collections including Tate, The Government Art Collection, The Arts Council Collection, The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, the Jerwood Foundation, the Belvedere Museum, Vienna and Museum Voorlinden, the Netherlands.

Parsons makes small, intimate paintings on wood panel using thin layers of oil paint. Her subjects are usually partial views of interior spaces or landscapes, some remembered and others imagined.

Kettle’s Yard is looking for students aged 16-19 years who would like to become young artist mentors, to take part in a visual arts project called Bridges.

Prospective mentors are invited to a one-day summer intensive taster session at Kettles Yard on 9 July 2024, 10.30am–4.30pm

The taster session will take place at Kettle’s Yard in a range of spaces including the café, the house, the Clore and the gardens. There will be drawing, talking, making and playing.

Throughout time, people of all cultures have sent their loved ones off with gifts and supplies for the next stage in life’s journey. Sarah Talks, Education and Outreach Assistant, will invite us to explore Saxon and Roman objects used as funerary gifts and share stories about them. Artist, Sally Todd, will invite us to consider what gifts we might like to give or take with us ‘on the journey’ and provide clay and other textural materials to help in the making of these.

Join Dr Carol Brown-Leonardi on a journey of intrigue and discovery of the medieval world. Within the story of King Arthur and his knights, it’s often forgotten that there were six knights of colour that occupied a seat at the round table. 

Connecting Cambridge: Fenlands and Folklore 

In this talk, Brian Eversham will cover the range and biodiversity of British peatlands, and their conservation. Going back to Brian’s roots in southern Yorkshire, this talk reviews the battle to save Britain’s largest lowland raised peatbogs, Thorne and Hatfield Moors.  It covers the range of peatland wildlife, from birds to insects to amoebae, flowers to fungi, their habitats, and the progress in restoring peatlands across Britain in the last 30 years, starting with the Great Fen.

Listen to Henry Stanier from the Wildlife Trust talk about fenlands and the Great Fen, one of the largest restoration projects of its type in Europe.

From exploring herbarium uses to discovering the secrets of wildflowers and fungi, come and discover the fascinating world of plant science in just 30 minutes! Science on Sundays is a free, informal and monthly series of talks, sharing the latest discoveries in plant science and research with our visitors.

The sessions are designed with early years development in mind. Artists draw upon their expertise as early years facilitators and use the Kettle’s Yard ethos and collection to create sessions where babies, toddlers and their carers can experience and learn together.

The activities help children explore the world around them, discover processes and play with new materials through creating new worlds, stories and adventures. Creation and communication are encouraged through making and there is a rich environment for play and enjoyment.

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