Chasing Volcanoes with Clive Oppenheimer

Clive Oppenheimer, Professor of Volcanology and contributor to True to Nature, will share his exploration of volcanoes around the world and give us insights into how far volcanologists have come in understanding how volcanoes work, and how their eruptions have acted to change history.

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Please note this is a hybrid event:

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BioBlitz 2022

Welcome to BioBlitz 2022!  Join us at the Cambridge University Botanic Garden as we explore the wildlife at the Garden, with a range of bookable activities for the whole family. We'll be mini beast hunting, pond dipping, running crafty caterpillar workshops, and much much more!

Zoology Live! 2022

We'll be chatting with experts about how to support wildlife & looking at the wildlife in the Botanic Garden. You will have the opportunity to put your questions live to our experts. 

Zoology Live! is running on two nights  - on Tuesday 21 June at 7pm, we will be livestreaming from the Museum, and Wednesday 22 June, we will be at the Botanic Garden. Hope you can join us on both nights!

Zoology Live! 2022

Get your questions ready! You will have the chance to put your questions LIVE to our experts. We'll be talking to experts on butterflies and Australian mammals - plus lots of activities and mini films to watch. This is a FREE online event for the whole family. 

It takes place on two nights - Tuesday 21st June at 7pm from the Museum and on Wednesday 22nd June we will be broadcasting live from Cambridge University Botanic Garden. 

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