CLASSROOM COURSE Christmas wreath making: 9 December

Have fun, learn a new skill, be creative and leave with your very own handmade festive wreath for your front door.

No previous experience is needed as you will be taken through the process step-by-step. The wreath will be made from scratch and will have a moss-based ring, then covered in festive and evergreen foliage and berries followed by a choice of decorations from natural pine cones, cinnamon bundles, dried fruit and more, and finally a ribbon to hang it up.

CLASSROOM COURSE Christmas spices

Using the festive season as inspiration, we will look at the historical uses of spices at this time of year, and discuss how these have shaped some of the traditions we still follow today.  We will explore how these plants from far-flung places became integrated into our culture. The sensory experience of handling and examining the spices, alongside seeing some of them growing in the Botanic Garden Glasshouse, will make this a truly immersive experience.

ONLINE COURSE Illustrating crab apples on architects’ parchment

Drafting film isn’t new to the coloured pencil artist but it’s seldom used. Janie will show you how to create a beautiful illustration of green crab apples on this unusual surface. It takes coloured pencils well and is a much quicker process than working on 300g HP paper. The results are bright and translucent and every bit as vibrant as on other surfaces – maybe even brighter! The best bit – you don’t even have to draw your image on it first. Intrigued? Join the class and find out more.

ONLINE COURSE Hand sewing techniques: Christmas tree sampler card

Join tutor Jemma Dell as she demonstrates how to create this simple hand stitched Christmas card, perfect for sending to close friends and family.  In this two hour evening course you will learn eight different embroidery stitches and use these in combination with beads, a button and a piece of fabric to create a unique Christmas tree card.  You can then frame your finished embroidery in its card ready to send.  A kit containing everything that you need to make the card will be posted to you in advance of the course. Kits can only be posted to addresses within the UK

CLASSROOM COURSE Getting the best from your roses

This one-day course led by rosarian expert Ian Limmer from Peter Beales Roses Ltd will help you to get the most from your roses. During this day long course Ian will aim to cover the following areas:

  • Planting bare root roses
  • Planting container roses
  • Transplanting mature roses
  • Roses in pots
  • Pruning modern roses
  • Pruning shrub roses
  • Pruning procumbent roses
  • Pruning climbing & rambling roses

ONLINE COURSE Drawing trees

This course is designed to develop your drawing and perceptual skills through the resource of the trees at the Cambridge University Botanic Gardens. During the two morning sessions using techniques to awaken and sharpen your observational perception, you will begin to draw trees with greater confidence, sophistication and character. Every tree can be seen as an individual but in order to draw, you require both specific and generalised information. This sounds like a contradiction but it is actually all about selection, what to include and what to generalise.

CLASSROOM COURSE Illustrating winged seeds

Many trees use wind to disperse their seeds by having ‘wings’ attached to their seeds. The most common are ash, sycamore and those of the maple family. This course will study these beautiful forms and their associated leaves, observing their colour and structure to make a composition of several on a page, initially drawing them and then painting them with watercolours. The course is suitable for all abilities.