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Hear the gossip from the royal court, wrestle through the muscular history of classical masculinity, and beware the jaws of Big Mamma! Museum Remix proudly presents an incredible variety of powerful stories, all told by you - our community.

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Purple and grey painting showing a woman and a centaur fighting. The figures are fragmentary. The woman, on the left, wears a draped dress and is shown with her left elbow up, knocking the face of the bearded centaur in grey as he attempts to grab at her. Lines behind the pair evoke the impact and force of the woman's arm.
Female Power by Victoria Chong, submitted to 2020's Museum Remix: Unheard project


About the project

Which stories should museums tell in their galleries? Whose voices are heard?

Museum Remix is the University of Cambridge Museums’ experiment in museum storytelling. Since 2018, we have been working with our communities through creative workshops and online to explore how museums can become more inclusive and relevant spaces, and try out innovative ways to tell stories about our collections.

Museum Remix contributors with their artworks
2019 Museum Remix contributors Lucian Stephenson, Jasmine Brady, Ana Dias and Bruna Fernandes with their artworks

You can find out more about the development of the project on our Collections in Action site:


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Opportunities to get involved in future activities will be advertised on this website and our e-news.

Installing a pop-up exhibition inspired by the Bridging Binaries tour project (2019)


Wall of fame

We're so grateful to everyone who has taken part in Museum Remix so far. 

2019 Creators

Ellie Armstrong, David Bellwood, Molly Blacknell, Jasmine Brady, Rosa Colaço, Ana Dias, Bruna Fernandes, Katie Goldfinch, Kate Howlett, Mitch Hubner, Luis Jiménez, Harriet Kerridge, Lizzie Knott, Yu-Chen Lai, Kate O'Neill, Jenny Oxley, Harriet Phillips, Suzy Rickard, Jess Sharpe, Du Song, Jack Silvester, Lily Stancliffe, Lucian Stephenson and Elmira Zadissa.

2020 Creators

Tae Ateh, Carole Bouvier, Thomas Chandler, Victoria Chong, Izzie Collie-Cousins, Andrea Elder, Stepanka Facerova, Maxine Fay, Sophie Fletcher, Giulia Giambino, Steven Goodwin, Sara Green, Helen Grundy, Lewis Harrower, Liz Hide, John Hodgson, John-James Laidlow, Larisa Latysheva and the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Julien Masson, Clare O’Brien, Tristram Riley-Smith, Theo Sayers, Laura Grace Simpkins, Zowie Sweetland, Fern Teather, Sam Thurlow, Miriam Waters, Cerys Whiles, Katie A. Whitaker and Rosie Wright.

2020 Guest Curators

Marenka Thompson-Odlum, Lucian Stephenson and Barney Brown.

The Bridging Binaries team

Jasmine Brady, Anthony Bridgen, Colin Clews, Luis Jiménez, Julia Peck, Ellen Purdy, Meg Roberts, Lucian Stephenson, Oliver Warren and Klara Widrig.

With special thanks to

Sonya Dyer, Cheryl Bowen, Thanh Sinden, Ali Ayres and Nathan Huxtable.



The header image for this page is an extract from The Museum of Life, an artwork produced in the 2019 Remix.