Exploring Art, Technology and Dataculture at in_collusion’s R&D Artist Lab

The University of Cambridge Museums are a partner in Collusion’s in_collusion programme. The programme seeks to: develop Cambridge and the wider area as a centre of excellence for interdisciplinary arts and technology collaboration; support the production of excellent art; enhance creative technology skills; and transfer knowledge across sectors. Through a series of Labs, week long development sessions for artists, the… Read full article

What is Digital Engagement?

Since starting as the Digital Engagement Specialist at the University of Cambridge Museums, a repeating question has been ’What actually is Digital Engagement?’ So, as part of my strategic planning I’ve been identifying what Digital Engagement means for the University of Cambridge Museums, as well as how we can make it happen: Digital is not something separate, it is a part… Read full article

Live streaming with a touch of ‘WTH?’

Back in October 2016 we posted about our participation in the Arts Marketing Association’s Digital Marketing Academy and our live-streaming experiments. Now we’ve graduated (whoot!) it’s about time we shared our experiences and the lessons we learned. In the beginning… “Behind the scenes alert! We’ve asked our experts about their most unusual objects; the ones that make them mutter WTH?… Read full article