In this part of the site, you’ll find a range of resources that we hope will be of use to fellow museum professionals, researchers and students.


Evaluation and Impact

These resources are designed to help you evaluate if your project has achieved its objectives, and understand the impact it has had on your audiences.

How To: Evaluate an Exhibition

An example of a framework to help you explore the impact of the exhibition on a range of different audiences, including children and young people, general visitors and targeted outreach groups.

How To: Accompanied Visits

Experiencing a display through the perspective of a visitor by accompanying them on their visit can give you a wealth of evaluation information. These guidelines give you areas to consider when planning accompanied visits.

How To: Visitor Observation

One very useful method of working out what people are doing in a gallery space is timing and tracking through observation. These resource provides guidance on visitor observation and creating your own gallery “heat maps” to understand how visitors respond to your space.

Sample Surveys

Sample feedback surveys you can adapt to use with your audiences.


Inclusive Practice

Diversifying the Museum Voice

Diversifying the Museum Voice offers a flexible framework for inclusive programmes and sharing authorship in a collections setting, plus case studies and provocations to support you in putting them into practice.