Inside the Cambridge University Herbarium - a room filled with shelves and collections storage. Two people can be seen standing at the bottom of the room.

Help digitise the collections at Cambridge University Herbarium

Help digitise the Cambridge University Herbarium by becoming an online volunteer today! Cambridge University Herbarium is home to some 1.1 million plant specimens. The collection is a treasure trove of taxonomic, historic and ecological data waiting to be digitised and made available to researchers around the world. Thanks to a grant from the Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF), we are… Read full article

Group of researchers carrying out an online word-search in the Museum's archives

“I tried liquor and got a t-shirt!” Adventures with keywords in the Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology catalogue

At the end of November staff and students at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology got together for a pilot workshop on ‘Keywords’, to collaboratively and competitively search the online catalogue for things that aren’t necessarily easy to find. Two of the participants reflect on their experiences. Blog posts on the MAA Digital Lab always start with an object in… Read full article