Greek Love and MuseumBums

Oh hello, we’re MuseumBums and we spent Valentines Day at Museum of Classical Archaeology spreading Greek Love. We celebrate bums on statues, in paintings, in print, and pretty much anywhere else in the cultural realm! We love the Museum of Classical Archaeology (MOCA) because there are SO MANY SEXY BUMS in a nice bijou museum. When we aren’t advocating on… Read full article

Solving a Chilly Mystery

Conservators are often privy to some of the most exciting discoveries on individual objects within museum collections, since we work so intimately with them. It isn’t every day that you discover a veritable Russian Doll of objects thought to be lost to history, however! The project began fairly straightforward, with a set of leggings and mittens from the Oroqen people… Read full article

Eat it or Wear it: Young Children exploring the Museum

Feeling the senses awaken is a wonderful aspect of any museum trip. It’s a physical as well as an intellectual experience. At the Fitzwilliam Museum, our latest activities with Early Years audiences have explored ideas connected with food and clothes, to highlight this sensory side of museum visiting. So what have we been doing? Dressing to Impress In November, to… Read full article