Arts Award at Home

During lockdown the University of Cambridge Museums wanted to offer children and young people the chance to complete a Discover Arts Award from the comfort of their own homes for free. We hoped this would be a great way to encourage creativity among young people, keep them busy during school closures and school holidays, and give them a sense of… Read full article

From the Museum of Zoology to our Garden

With their doors closed, staff at home and social distancing the new norm, how can and how are Museums continuing to play an active and relevant role in people’s lives? Sara Steele and Matt Hayes share their experience of developing and delivering a remote pilot session designed to engage the UCM’s Portals to the World participants; people with a dementia… Read full article

Bridging Binaries in the Animal Kingdom

There is so much to be gained from looking at the animal kingdom at large from a queer perspective. Not only does it throw our own behaviours into sharp relief but also shows up the shortcomings of our human obsession with categories and identity says The Museum of Zoology Bridging Binaries volunteer, Kate. The best bit for the LGBTQ+ community… Read full article