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As part of our launch event at the Cambridge Festival 2022, we showed short films highlighting collections research in our areas of focus. Below you can see a discussion of the Inspire Nature schools art project, which was created in response to the True to Nature exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum

The CCC will support research addressing the ongoing loss of biodiversity and the consequences of unsustainable living. We will use the collections to address questions including:

  • How has the natural and built environment shaped, and been shaped by, human activity and creativity? 
  • How do past records of the natural and anthropogenic world help us understand and mitigate against current global environmental challenges?
  • How can records of past extinctions help us build a more sustainable future for the ecosystems upon which we depend?
A collection of globes at the Whipple Museum


We have recently been able to support some participatory research projects in this area. Projects funded include:

  • "Flower Power:  a participatory research project at Cambridge University Botanic Garden to engage students and the public with the effects of climate change on the annual life cycle of flowering plants" led by the Cambridge University Botanic Garden
  • "Supporting tomorrow’s ecologists to work with today’s collections: Building capacity and support for citizen-science projects in schools" led by the University of Cambridge Museum of Zoology