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University Museum of Zoology

David Attenborough Building

Downing St



This exhibition has been created by two graduate students, Ara Goudsmit and Leo Lahijani, from the Departments of Geography and Neuroscience at the University of Cambridge. Using images, poems and scientific and cultural narratives, they have posed a series of reflective questions for our visitors such as 'What does it mean to disappear' and 'What does the ocean mean to you?'

This is Leo and Ara's description of the exhibition: 

In this museum, we can reflect on our sensitivity as humans, our impact on other species, and imagine what life may be like for those animals that are now on the other side of the cabinet glass. ‘What is nature?’ is a series of responses to the animals on display, which recognises our fascination and entanglement with animal stories, and raises questions of ecological loss and justice. This project is inspired by the challenge and opportunity of rethinking how we want to cultivate our relationship with the living world. We invite you on a reflective journey of the interdependence of life on earth, in an attempt to rediscover human-nature relations and imagine a more just and equitable future for the entire diversity of life.


We hope that our visitors will enjoy reading the reflections of students. The display panels are located throughout the Museum. The Museum is free to enter.