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Do you have an interesting idea for an event or activity at the Museums? Do you want to talk about and see change, bring fresh perspectives?
Well, so do we. This is the space for you!

If you have an interesting idea for an activity, get in touch. It could be a performance, art workshop, discussion, or a talk. It could be something you want to try out in a public space, or something you are already working on. It could even be something we develop at a later date at the museums. All we ask is it responds to the theme of power. More on that below. 

We are looking for activities to potentially be part of the Cambridge Festival, 17th March - 2nd April 2023, or for the rest of 2023. We’re especially interested in supporting events in our museum spaces, but there is also the potential to showcase your work elsewhere.

This Open Call closed on the 16th January, and we will be contacting those who have submitted proposals by the end of January. If you have missed the deadline and have an idea you'd like to discuss please feel free to contact is via info@museums.cam.ac.uk 

Respond to the theme of power

This theme reflects an ongoing commitment both here in Cambridge and across the museums sector to examine our own historical relationships with racial inequality and colonialism, and the legacies of these relationships today. 

Join the conversation

The University of Cambridge Museums have complex relationships with power and its uses and abuses, particularly with histories of race and colonialism. It’s a theme we are increasingly exploring through our collections and spaces, and as part of this we are interested to hear what you have to say. 

We want to find ways to start conversations, and use our spaces to explore what power means to our communities and audiences in Cambridge, so we are piloting this open call. 

Power can be interpreted in many ways, both individually and collectively. Our understanding of power changes as our interaction with the world changes. Power can be hopeful or oppressive. It can be control or influence over others; it can be a reaction to control, oppression and censorship. Through acts of resistance and subversion, power is everywhere. Power can be radical, hopeful and healing. Power can be taken and reclaimed.

What you get out of it

While we get the opportunity to support and showcase your fantastic ideas and work across our spaces, these are some of the benefits we offer:

  • A platform to share your ideas and work.
  • The opportunity to collaborate with creative individuals across Cambridge
  • Financial aid/grant to support your ideas. 
  • A chance for dialogue with our brilliant and engaged audiences. 
  • A chance to test and develop ideas in a supportive environment. 
  • The opportunity to work with your local museum collections. 
Propose your project

At our museums we host a variety of events such as talks and discussions, workshops, film screenings and performances. We’re open to experimental suggestions! The proposal can be a pilot or test idea, and doesn’t have to be fully formed. We can help you develop your idea. 

Please contact us to request a form and provide us with some details of your idea. We would need 500 words from you or a 2 minute audio clip or video describing your idea. You will need to think about the following things when proposing your activity: 

  • What kind of event? Think format and rough design or structure.
  • How does it respond to the theme of power?
  • How and why is the theme important to you?
  • Who is your event aimed at? Think audiences. 
  • Who would you like to work with? Is there a performer/speaker you have in mind?
  • What makes our museums and collections a good fit for your event or project?

If you aren’t sure of all the details but have an idea - we’d still love to hear from you to talk it through. 

Please be aware that we are currently only able to accept ideas from those aged 18+

Funding and support for you

We are able to support the costs of running successful activity proposals of up to £500-£700.

Please consider that 10% of the budget could be used for you or your community group, or organisation as a development fee. 

If you have an idea but would like to talk through your proposal please do approach us via info@museums.cam.ac.uk to find out more. 

If we are not able to support your activity straight away we would not like the conversation to end there, and would like to see if there are ways we could host your idea. 

This is a pilot process for us, so we’ll be learning as we go, but are keen to invite ideas from outside the Museums. 

This Open Call closed on the 16th January, and we will be contacting those who have submitted proposals by the end of January. If you have missed the deadline and have an idea you'd like to discuss please feel free to contact is via info@museums.cam.ac.uk