It’s been a busy year here at the University of Cambridge Museums.

Spring is reporting season, when we gather together data on our work in the past reporting year (April to March) for our major funders. It’s not the most glamorous of museum tasks, but when those numbers from our institutions are all brought together… well, they tell a satisfying story!

So, without further ado, here are our headline figures for 2018/19.

We are hugely grateful to all our colleagues across the consortium who helped with data collection and collation, and to our funders, including Arts Council England and Cambridge City Council, who made the activity reported on here possible.

Please note:

Due to the way our consortium is funded and our current reporting systems, some of these figures do not include Kettle’s Yard and/or the Botanic Garden. Figures with a plus sign do not include Kettle’s Yard; the exhibition figures and staff and volunteer data do not include Kettle’s Yard or the Botanic Garden. Keep an eye out for our Highlights Report in the coming weeks for the full picture.