What can data tell us about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the University of Cambridge Museums’ audiences?

This question and more were explored by the University of Cambridge Museums Team at March’s Datafest. You can catch up on the series of bitesize talks and other resources here.

QR Codes in Museums- the basics and latest findings, with Sarah Jane Harknett, UCM Evaluation Coordinator

They’re everywhere! Has 2020 brought about the renaissance of the QR code? Sarah-Jane Harknett, UCM Evaluation Coordinator, shares some of the latest findings about how museums and cultural venues are using QR codes.


Resources mentioned-

Life and Death of QR Codes in Museums- Cuseum

QR codes and triggered content in museum spaces- Bristol Museums

Qr Codes: Alive and Well in the Museum?- Whitney Digital

Essential Evaluators: Snapshot | Data Collection- American Alliance of Museums

“Have good Big Ideas and write short labels.”- ExhibiTricks


Who has visited our museums in the last year? With Hannah Price, UCM Programmes Coordinator

We miss our visitors! But at least we were able to open a little last year. Find out about the visitors who returned to our museums after lockdown. Hannah Price, UCM Programme Coordinator, has outlined what the data collected from our post visit surveys tells us.

See Hannah’s presentation here


Who’s been on the UCM website in the last year? With Richard White, UCM Marketing Coordinator

This year we’ve all been more reliant on our website to engage with visitors. Join Richard White, UCM Marketing Coordinator, as he talks through what we can find out about the visitors to the UCM website in the last year.


Resources mentioned-

Digital Culture Network Youtube Channel

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