DataFest 2021

What can data tell us about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the University of Cambridge Museums’ audiences? This question and more were explored by the University of Cambridge Museums Team at March’s Datafest. You can catch up on the series of bitesize talks and other resources here. QR Codes in Museums- the basics and latest findings, with Sarah… Read full article

How do you create a museum session connecting art objects and people when there are no objects and there are no people ?

We have been working with Arts and Minds since 2015, delivering sessions for their Arts on Prescription courses and providing spaces for the groups to meet in. Arts on Prescription is a series of weekly meetings, led by a counsellor and an artist, for people experiencing mental health challenges. In the museums, we usually speak to the group in the… Read full article

How we located the most visited object in our museums

Audience research provides us with essential information about our audiences; for several years the University of Cambridge Museums (UCM) have been collecting demographic and travel information for our visitors. This is important and informs a lot of what we do and how we market it. But to add balance to the picture of our audiences, we have also been recording… Read full article