Valuing the Visual

Some highlights and reflections from the Valuing the Visual Conference at Sheffield School of Education on 4 and 5 July 2017. At the beginning of July I was fortunate to be able to go to the International Literacies Conference in Sheffield. The conference explored the intersections between written and spoken language and the visual. I was one of the only… Read full article

Livestreaming Cambridge’s stinkiest plant

Titus is the Botanic Garden’s titan arum plant, sometimes known as the corpse flower. It flowers only once a decade, and the resulting smell has been described as ‘dead badger’; ‘cheesy death’; ‘residue from microwaved kipper’ and ‘the time the freezer died at the Museum of Zoology’. Naturally, Team UCM was there to stream last month’s flowering experience live from… Read full article

What’s next? Highlights from the MuseumNext conference

Last week I had the opportunity to attend MuseumNext in Rotterdam. This years’ theme was ‘Gamechanging’, a full on programme of exciting speakers from around the globe in an interesting city with amazing architecture and museums. With a head still buzzing from all the talks, conversations and experiences, this is a summary of the conference and the key take-aways. So… Read full article