Event information

Come and see LIVE animals, including reptiles, birds of prey and insects. This is your chance to see live burying beetles - find out how they look after their young and what they eat - it's absolutely fascinating and perhaps not what you would expect. Come and talk to our lovely PhD research students, who will tell you everything they know.

Plus... you can look at our amazing skeletons which include a whale, dodo, two elephants, giraffe, giant ground sloth as well as a giant wasp nest, beetles, butterflies, birds, fish, corals and much much more.

Get creative and make your very own hotel for bees, all materials provided free of charge, and you can take your bee hotel home with you.

Or you might like to do a drawing or two to add to our landscape of Wicken Fen, which will be taking shape in the Discovery Space, in our Lower Gallery.

Lightning talks
Experts from Zoology will be giving lightning 5 minute talks throughout the day - no need to book, just turn up and tune in. Talks will take place in the Lower Gallery.

Admission is FREE. No need to book.