We offer facilitated workshops and self-led visits. There is no charge for our school sessions, but we welcome donations to support the Museum learning programme (recommended donation of £2 per child). Get in touch with the Museum Education Coordinator to discus your visit

Self-led visits

Led by you, available all day Monday – Friday during term time.

Facilitated workshops

Facilitated 1.5hr workshop led by the Museum Educator, available Tuesday – Thursday mornings during term time.

Each workshop supports the National Curriculum, encourage close observation of objects, include hands on activities and plenty of time to explore the Museum.

Dinosaur Early Years and KS1

Discover the museums dinosaurs and find how many people can fit in a T.rex footprint.

Discovering Fossils KS1 and 2

What is a fossil? We’ll explore the Museums fossil collection and find out how do we learn about life in the past
Living things and their habitats, Rocks, Evolution and Inheritance

Under your feet KS1 and 2

How do rocks form and what are they made of? We’ll investigate the tree rock ‘families’ and find out where they fit in the rock cycle.

What’s so important about flint? KS2

Would humans be where we are today without flint? By looking at Stone Age to Iron Age materials, we’ll discover the properties that made them so important to early humans and the geological processes behind their formation. 
Uses of everyday materials, Stone Age to Iron Age, Rocks

Evolution in Time KS2 and 3

Discover just how long life on Earth has been around and why there is such a diversity of living things today using fossil evidence. We’ll use fossil horses’ limbs to understand how the species adapted over time to suit the changing climate and environment
Living things and their habitats, Evolution and inheritance