How do you copy a masterpiece?

Sharpening Perceptions, an exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum, shows early career conservators’ copies of masterpieces. The copies are displayed side by side with the originals to give insights into how the original paintings were made and what they would have looked like, fresh from the artist’s studio. Sharpening Perceptions: how to copy a masterpiece is an exhibition of copies of… Read full article

Jasmine Brady gives her tour of the Fitzwilliam

Bridging Binaries LGBTQ+ Tours – where are we now?

The University of Cambridge Museums (UCM) have been running volunteer-led LGBTQ+ tours, Bridging Binaries, since December 2018. The tours are delivered by a team of brilliant volunteers and explore the spectrum of identities that exist across time, place and culture in our collections. In late 2019, after great audience responses to the pilot tours at the Museum of Classical Archaeology,… Read full article

Global Acquisitions at the Fitzwilliam Museum

Over the last eighteen months, the Fitzwilliam Museum‘s Department of Applied Arts has acquired objects made by modern and contemporary artists and craftspeople from around the world, in order to enable us to explore more diverse perspectives within our permanent collections and temporary displays. This is part of a Museum-wide initiative, focussing on expanding the core collection to include objects… Read full article