Life as a Collections Volunteer

In this volunteer role I have primarily been involved with the cataloguing of Great British coinage dating from the reign of Queen Anne onwards through the Hanoverians. This work is part of an ongoing project within the Department of Coins and Medals at the Fitzwilliam Museum to ensure all records are as detailed as possible, to facilitate their future use… Read full article

Green Museums: Earth Stories

The Green Museums project explores environmental themes across the University of Cambridge Museums (UCM). Our objects hide a history of how we have understood the environment and the problems it now faces, deep in their archives and in the objects in plain sight. In this first instalment in the Green Museums blog series, Rosie Amos explores Earth Stories. Mythologies, fairy tales,… Read full article

Strollers, Stories & Studio Pottery

Some people might be daunted at the thought of a group of Under Fives being invited to express themselves in a contemporary ceramics exhibition, but here at the Fitzwilliam Museum we saw a challenge and wanted to find ways to support our youngest visitors to engage with the objects on display. We devised two sessions: one for 0-2 year olds… Read full article