Livestreaming Cambridge’s stinkiest plant

Titus is the Botanic Garden’s titan arum plant, sometimes known as the corpse flower. It flowers only once a decade, and the resulting smell has been described as ‘dead badger’; ‘cheesy death’; ‘residue from microwaved kipper’ and ‘the time the freezer died at the Museum of Zoology’. Naturally, Team UCM was there to stream last month’s flowering experience live from… Read full article

Volunteer gardening in a concrete jungle

To celebrate national Volunteer Week we’ve been speaking to volunteers across the University of Cambridge Museums, to find out why they give their time to support us. Yasmeen Farooqui tells us why she volunteers for the community garden at Hanover Court, a project run by the Education Team at the Botanic Garden. I wanted a voluntary role that would put my… Read full article

Redevelopment of the Oceanic Islands House at the Botanic Garden

Following a complete review and refit, the Ocean Islands House in the Botanic Garden Glasshouse has now reopened focussing on the islands of Macaronesia. Redevelopment of the Oceanic Islands House Many of our visitors will have noticed that the Oceanic Islands House at the Botanic Garden was closed and emptied in early December, 2016. Its contents were propagated or decanted… Read full article