Power to the Programme: Piloting an Open Call for events and activities on the theme of Power and Memory

Over the last 18 months the UCM Partnerships team have been working to explore the theme of Power and Memory across the consortium. One initiative we knew we wanted to try very early on was an ‘Open Call’ process – inviting community organisations and local creatives to suggest ideas for events and activities that the museums could help make happen… Read full article

Museum Remix: Unheard

The University of Cambridge Museums’ Museum Remix programme has been welcoming fresh perspectives onto our collections since 2018. In 2018, we worked with members of Museum Detox to create a workshop format bringing together students, early career museum professionals, activists and volunteers from across the country to explore and critique the collections.  In 2019, we built on that experience, working… Read full article

Bridging Binaries: reflections on the pilot

In December 2018, the University of Cambridge Museums (UCM) launched a pilot series of volunteer-led LGBTQ+ tours: Bridging Binaries. Forty tours, four museums and a lot of press coverage later, it’s time to look back on the pilot and plot the next steps. The project saw a team of dedicated volunteers develop their own LGBTQ+ tours in the Museum of… Read full article