Marketing Cam Lates

It’s been two years since the University of Cambridge Museums (UCM) launched Cam Lates, a series of after-hours events with a twist. How do you launch and then promote a hugely varied series of events across nine collections? We asked Richard White, the UCM’s Marketing and Communications Coordinator, for his thoughts… How is marketing Cam Lates different to other UCM… Read full article

Finding our way

Most of us don’t realise the extent to which we rely on wayfinding systems to navigate around urban spaces. At its most effective, orientation signage is something we take for granted – we depend upon it to get us to where we want to go, but rarely give it much thought. However, the new Museum of Zoology, hidden behind the… Read full article

How we located the most visited object in our museums

Audience research provides us with essential information about our audiences; for several years the University of Cambridge Museums (UCM) have been collecting demographic and travel information for our visitors. This is important and informs a lot of what we do and how we market it. But to add balance to the picture of our audiences, we have also been recording… Read full article