Teamwork: the 2017 UCM Forum

In early December, there was a hubbub in the Whale Hall as colleagues and volunteers from across the University of Cambridge Museums and Botanic Garden (UCM) gathered at the Museum of Zoology for the UCM Forum. The annual Forum is a chance for colleagues from across the UCM to meet up, take stock, and find out what’s been happening in… Read full article

Museums Change Lives?

The theme of the 2017 Museums Association Conference was “Museums Change Lives”. A bold statement, but does it ring true? The sceptical side of me raised an eyebrow….. I have often had conversations with colleagues and friends after coming back from conferences where we are wracked with guilt for not being as fabulous as all the wonderful speakers that we… Read full article

License to wreak havoc

This is the scene of a disaster in the Fitzwilliam Museum lunchroom. A team of conservators are carefully salvaging items from the wet and filthy wreckage of artefacts all over the floor, with only head torches to see by: Only a few hours earlier, conservators Helena Rodwell, Samantha Archetti and Sophie Rowe had gleefully made a horrible mess in the… Read full article