Wanderings with a Camera with Cambridge Community Arts

Here at the Museum of Classical Archaeology, we’re always excited when artists find new and creative ways to view our old friends, our plaster casts of Greek and Roman sculpture. So when a new relationship with Cambridge Community Arts did just that, we were over the moon. Cambridge Community Arts (CCA) is a local charity which runs a great programme… Read full article

Diary of an Exhibition Part 2: new friends

Imagining India: Greeks, Romans and the End of the Earth opened at the Museum of Classical Archaeology (MoCA) on 26 June. This is the second of three instalments of my diary of the six months leading up to the exhibition opening. Last time: the exhibition concept takes shape; Curator Susanne went on maternity leave; research began… Late February 2017: new… Read full article

Front of House Q&A: Alina Kozlovski

Alina Kozlovski is a member of the team of graduate student invigilators who help staff the front desk at the Museum of Classical Archaeology. When she’s not in the Museum, Alina is working on a PhD in Roman archaeology. She answered this Q&A from an archaeological dig in Marzuolo, Italy (“Who knew wattle and daub was so interesting?!”). How long… Read full article